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Dr Prolay Mal

Reader Particles and Fields Physics... View Profile

Dr Kush Saha

Reader Ultracold atoms, band topology... View Profile

Dr Tuhin Ghosh

Reader Cosmic microwave background radiation... View Profile

Dr Najmul Haque

Reader Heavy-ion Physics, Thermal field theory, Theoretic... View Profile

Dr Chethan N. Gowdigere

Reader Theoretical High-Energy Physics, String Theory ... View Profile

Dr Sumedha .

Reader Statistical mechanics and interdisciplinary applic... View Profile

Dr V Ravi Chandra

Reader Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics... View Profile

Dr Sayantani Bhattacharya

Reader String Theory, Fluid Mechanics... View Profile

Dr Victor Roy

Reader High energy heavy ion collisions, Quark Gluon Plas... View Profile

Dr A. V. Anil Kumar

Reader Statistical Mechanics and Modelling of Soft Matter... View Profile

Dr Ashis Kumar Nandy

Reader Theoretical condensed matter physics and Material ... View Profile

Dr Joydeep Bhattacharjee

Reader Computational Condensed Matter Physics: Electronic... View Profile

Dr Tapan Mishra

Reader Quantum simulations, Computational physics... View Profile

Dr Luke Chamandy

Reader Astrophysics... View Profile

Prof Bedangadas Mohanty

Professor Experimental High Energy Physics, Phenomenology of... View Profile

Dr Subhankar Bedanta

Professor Domain wall dynamics, skyrmions, spin pumping... View Profile

Prof Sanjay Kumar Swain

Professor Experimental particle physics... View Profile

Dr Amaresh Jaiswal

Associate Professor QCD, Relativistic hydrodynamics... View Profile

Dr Colin Benjamin

Associate Professor Theoretical Nanoscience, Quantum Information and G... View Profile

Dr Ajaya Kumar Nayak

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Experiment: Magnetism... View Profile

Dr Yogesh Kumar Srivastava

Associate Professor Black Holes, String Theory ... View Profile

Dr Nishikanta Khandai

Associate Professor Cosmology, Large Scale Structure, Galaxy Formation... View Profile

Dr Kartik Senapati

Associate Professor Superconductivity and magnetism... View Profile

Dr Prasanjit Samal

Associate Professor Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic and Molecular Phy... View Profile

Dr Pratap Kumar Sahoo

Associate Professor Nano-fabrication and Ion/photon matter interaction... View Profile

Dr Subhasish Basak

Associate Professor Lattice QCD – Baryon spectroscopy, Electromagnet... View Profile

Dr Ashok Mohapatra

Associate Professor Ultra-cold atoms and Quantum Optics... View Profile

Dr Shamik Banerjee

Associate Professor Quantum field theory, String theory... View Profile

Dr Satyaprasad P Senanayak

Assistant Professor Device Physics, Electronics, Sensors... View Profile

Dr Shovon Pal

Assistant Professor Ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy, Terahertz time d... View Profile

Dr Narayan Rana

Assistant Professor Theoretical High Energy Physics, Particle Physics ... View Profile