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Dr Aniruddha Datta Roy

Reader Biogeography, systematics, Biodiversity... View Profile

Dr Ramanujam Srinivasan

Reader Cell Biology of prokaryotic cytoskeleton... View Profile

Dr Mohammed Saleem

Reader Membrane - Protein Interactions, Membrane Deformat... View Profile

Dr Kishore CS Panigrahi

Reader Plant Developmental Biology ... View Profile

Dr Renjith Mathew

Reader Cell Biology, Mechanisms regulating cell and tissu... View Profile

Dr Palok Aich

Professor Systems Biology, Biophysics, Biostatistics, Quanti... View Profile

Dr Chandan Goswami

Professor Cell biology of TRP ion channels: Implications in ... View Profile

Dr Pankaj Alone

Associate Professor Translation, Genetic code, Ribosome... View Profile

Dr Tirumala Kumar Chowdary

Associate Professor Structural virology... View Profile

Dr Asima Bhattacharyya

Associate Professor Cancer Biology, Gastric cancer, Helicobacter pylor... View Profile

Dr V Badireenath Konkimalla

Associate Professor Nanodelivery, drug development, pharmaceutical nan... View Profile

Dr Praful Singru

Associate Professor Neurobiology, Chemical Neuroanatomy, Neuropharmaco... View Profile

Dr Subhasis Chattopadhyay

Associate Professor Cellular Immunology... View Profile

Dr Abdur Rahaman

Associate Professor Cell Biology, Mechanism and regulation of Nuclear ... View Profile

Dr Manjusha Dixit

Associate Professor Tumour Angiogenesis Regulation and Cancer Genetics... View Profile

Dr Harapriya Mohapatra

Associate Professor Molecular Microbiology, Bacterial antibiotic resis... View Profile

Dr Debasmita Pankaj Alone

Associate Professor Molecular Genetics and Epigenetics of Ageing Diso... View Profile

Dr Rudresh Acharya

Associate Professor Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography, Structural B... View Profile

Dr Swagata Ghatak

Assistant Professor Cell and Tissue Engineering, Neurosciences, Physio... View Profile

Dr Himabindu Vasuki Kilambi

Assistant Professor Plant Sciences... View Profile

Dr Rittik Deb

Assistant Professor Evolutionary Ecology, Bioacoustics, Host-gut micro... View Profile